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Free QuickSEO Tips (This is a new page, so please check back for updated info)

1. Meta Tags… Ensure that your Title and Description Tags are correctly Programmed. This must be done in the <head>  Place your Meta Tags here  <//head> of your Web page

<title>We offer the Quickest SEO results! Call +27(0)62 110 8765</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”We offer the quickest Search Engine Optimization SEO results, Small to Corporates…+27(0)62 110 8765 “>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Website marketing, internet marketing, SEO, New websites, Online stores, E-Commerce, E-Shopping, 21x.co.za”>
<meta name=”Author”content=”www.21x.co.za”>
<meta name=”Robots” content=”index, follow” />
<meta name=”Revisit-After” content=”2 days” />

2. Do Meta Tags for each Web Page. This will ensure that the different pages are picked up.

3. Google is a Computer and CANNOT generally understand or read pictures (except for Face recognition) – it has no eyes! ☺
Do not expect Google to Understand or read your Company Logo. Treat it as a Picture only and enter your Company name in Text Format.

4. Content Content Content
Google wants fresh information, exciting new information, relevant information to display to their clients.

5.  Use of Search and Key Phrases (short Sentences)
a) Try too think like a person would searching for your Products or Services?
b) What would you type if you were searching for your own product?
c) People usually type short keywords
d) Do research. The Number of people searching for “plumber” compared to “plumbers” is very different. Optimize your Website for the MOST SEARCHED Keywords.
e) Bear in mind that the Most Searched Keywords are MUCH more competitive and more difficult to SEO efficiently.

6. Keywords
Google is a Computer trying to read and understand your Website content. Make it easy for this giant Computer to understand what your website is all about. Photos wont tell Google.
Keywords and Keyword Phrases will!

Ok how to do it!

1. Make sure your website content reads normal. Using your keyword 5 times in ONE sentence JUST WONT work!
2. Overusing your Keywords is like SPAM and not pleasant to read and Google will not use it favorably.
3. A website (or web page)  that is too large is NOT good- it’s just too heavy. It is difficult to read, difficult to optimize and loads too slow.
4. A specific Keyword used should not exceed 2.5% of the total words on a Web Page.
5. Use keywords and Keyword Phrases or short sentences frequently like “international organic search engine optimization”.
6. We have used keyword management very successfully while doing QUICK-SEO on many websites for our clients. The results have been a staggering 61% SERP – Or Search Engine Result page, Keyword Position improvement is JUST 3 WEEKS, taking clients to page ONE very quickly. This is QuickSEO is advance… Quick results are possible.
7. We have watched Google visiting the specific websites every 4 to 8 days and we have monitored how the Keywords improved, everyday, from different computers, doing MANUAL Searches (bear in mind that you should NOT be Logged in when checking results (else Google will automatically give you what you have searched for before). 8. To know when Google visited your website, simply change the Meta Description slightly. Once they have picked up on the changes you made, the SERP info displayed will be different and easy for you to monitor.

7. Install a Robot.txt file

8. Install a Sitemap File

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