SEO vs PPC (Pay per Click) or Google Ads?

Have you ever really taken the time to make a PROPER Comparison between SEO-Search Engine Optimization) and Ads or Pay per Click (PPC)? Firstly we would like to state a few Facts based on many Real Calculations we have made, and actual comparisons we have made for many clients.

QUICK SEO today… It’s Worth it!… It’s the BEST Investment anywhere…!

Two things will happen as your Business starts to rank higher on Google and other Search Engines.

1. You will start to get more HITS on your website. This means more phone calls (enquiries). The great result from this is more sales, and more income for your Business – Business Success.                

2. As your sales increase, the VALUE of your Business and the VALUE of YOUR Website will start to INCREASE daily! 

Our Valuation Calculator is built to show you the existing value of your website… as well as the expected growth in SALES and VALUE of your Website as your sales increase).

Your reasonable Current Website Value

To start you can estimate the value of your website as follows:

Take your Current, average NET Profit from Sales Generated through your website, and multiply this figure by 12.


FACT 1    QuickSEO is a MUCH better route to go – up to 10TIMES Better

FACT 2    QuickSEO is a MUCH cheaper route to go – up to 10 Times Cheaper.

FACT 3    QuickSEO CAN YIELD VERY QUICK RESULTS (even within 2 to 3 weeks)

FACT 4    SEO is an Investment in your Own Business while PPC is only Paying for Google Adverts  

FACT 5    The VALUE of a SEO Business increases while a PPC Business decreases (for the Same Monthly Investment)

FACT 6    The Value of  the “Cost to Generate” ONE Sale Decreases for SEO and Increases for PPC

FACT 7    Pay per Click prices Increases all the time and will eventually become too expensive to afford

FACT 8    QuickSEO will give you more daily hits, sales and Income for the Same Investment made in both SEO and PPC

FACT 9    Based on the SAME Monthly SEO and PPC payments, SEO can in Total yield 10 Times more in just ONE Year

IT’S TIME … QuickSEO your Business today. Our QuickSEO processes are thorough, tested and tested again and it’s PROVEN to work exceptionally well!

QuickSEO + Google Position improvement 

Terms of our Agreement

Any website that is not displayed on PAGE ONE of Google cannot and will not perform like it should.

Our MAIN focus will be to get you listed * ORGANICALLY on PAGE ONE of Google as well as many other International and Local Search Engines and Business directories. All our Marketing efforts will be focussed with this in mind.

  1. It does take much time and many hours of hard physical labour by our staff to get you to rank well. Many large Companies spend vast amounts of money on a monthly basis, to be ON PAGE ONE. We achieve this starting with a nominal fee of R5,000 for all Businesses. Clients wishing to have further personal consultations with us are required to pay a small consultation fee.
  2. It is unreasonable and unwise to expect immediate results since most Businesses who are ranked well have often spent many years and much money to get there. The market is very competitive and those who rank well make much more money that those who rank poorly… BUT GOOD results can in cwertain cases be achieved within weeks (not months)!
  3. We do both SEO (Search Engine Optimisations) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) all in one package.
  4. Position ONE on Page one STATISTICALLY gets 32.6% of all enquiries for specific keywords on Google (page two hardly yield any results). 75% of all Searches end with the FIRST THREE Organic Search Results.
  5. FACT:We can and will help your Business to rank well – We do this all the timeWe get excited together with our clients, as we watch how their rankings improve all the time!
  6. We are a marketing Company– NOT Advertising Company. Advertising Companies like newspaper generate quick results while Marketing Companies generate long term company growth and Branding awareness.  Building your Business will generate “automatic” sales (passive income) for years to come.
  7. While we do not focus on placing adverts for our clients, we do place some adverts on carefully selected websites. Our focus is to build up Internet credit for your Business so that you can continue to, over a long period of time and for years to come – enjoy the benefits of our work.
  8. Please do not expect instant results. The work we do for you are to steadily BUILD your business following specific, scientific, carefully pre-planned steps and strategies. For this reason we enter into a 12 month written agreement with our clients. We know that it will take many working hours, to get quality results.
  9. We do NOT work with Google Ad-Words. We regard Ad-words as another Advertising platform which only works for as long as you pay your monthly advertising fee. We normally recommend that our clients stop with their Ad-Word campaigns after they have been with us for 2-3 months.
  10. Many Business owners think that it is a quick and easy job to rank well on Google. It is NOT! Most businesses who rank in the Top 10 (Page One) on Google for specific keywords, have done years of hard work, and have often spent tens of thousands to get there. We can and will achieve this within the next THREE Months.
  11. We do not offer a Quick Fix solution, butWE DO OFFER a long term Quality solution, which will enhance the value of your Business, as well as the value of your website.
  12. We send a detailed monthly reports as well as regular Google results per email. We are available per email or per telephone for discussions.
  13. We follow our own powerful and tested strategies to promote and enhance our client’s websites. We follow a work pattern and our staff will do specific jobs for your website on specific times. Records of all work done for our clients are kept on our Database. We do not disclose all these strategies to our clients. We know how to get our clients into Good Google positions and we will do this on our own over the next 6 months. This information is valuable and has been gained fromover 15 years personal experience in the industry.
  14. Clients can normally expect to start seeing Google ranking improvements from Month ONE.

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  1. A)  To see whether Google actually knows about your website, please enter your FULL WEBSITE address,  (  in Google SEARCH BLOCK.
  2. B)  To monitor your Google ranking enter your website address and specific keywords on (please select South Africa and English options) OR

TYPE YOUR SPECIFIC KEYWORDS IN GOOGLE search block and count where you are located (it’s normally easier to count from the bottom of a page).


ORGANICALLY –Organic Google results are those “real results” displayed on Google pages (not Ad-words) where clients have worked hard to get displayed on the centre, main sections of Google result pages, without paying Google for * Ad-words which are specific Keywords purchased by clients from Google, which entitles them to be listed on the Top, Right or bottom of Google result pages based on the amount they choose to pay to Google.

Please note that you have entered into a 12 month agreement with us.  Payments are payable in ADVANCE on a Monthly basis. You are liable for payment for the FULL TWELVE MONTH PERIOD. If you are serious about promoting your Business, please do allow us to help  in Marketing your business effectively.  We do not offer Free rides or “Fly now pay later options”. Your Payments are not subject to performance, but your performance through us is guaranteed and based on payments received.

 21X Management Team

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