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The Purpose of this website is to give our clients good and valuable information about Super Quick SEO Search Engine Optimization and the benefits of our different options.

Our Focus is always Super Quick SEO Results (QSEO) for all our clients! 

To succeed in Business you have to Google Optimize your Business! This process is called SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization (sometimes spelled Optimisation). We have taken this process a few steps deeper to a much Advanced level called Quick SEO.

In our Modern World everybody uses Google (and many other Search Engines) to find what they are looking for.

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Ok what is International Organic Quick Seo (QSEO)?
There is a common belief that Organic SEO is a long, slow process, but this is not the case with us at 21x.

While most Companies typically do Search Engine Optimization following specific, slow set steps proceeding from Step One through to the top, we focus on getting Quick SEO results.
We do this from many different directions
*On-Page Keyword Optimization on the one hand and    * The other Quick SEO Steps on the other side, all simultaneously.
We achieve Quick SEO results for ALL our Customers, all over the World. We will put you on the map-quickly.

Below is a Free Super QUICK SEO Specialists Technique which you can follow today to get achieve top rankings!

Yes, it is possible to get Quick breakthroughs! We have proven this with many websites.
Relevant Fresh Content and the correct use of Keywords is still KING, used in the right way and proportion to other words in your website, this WILL make a HUGE Difference, BUT to understand this proportion (or percentage) is vital. Too many Keywords and you will not get good results (stuffing).

To QUICK SEO your Business through the International Organic Search Engine Optimization Specialists, is we believe,  the VERY BEST INVESTMENT any Website Owner can make.

Organic Super Fast Quick SEO (QSEO) is a MUST if you want to seriously GROW your Business.

The QuickSEO Specialists Pretoria will do it for you!
Organic “QuickSEO” now a International Buzz word.           
We have taken SEO to a more advanced level called Super “QUICKSEO”.
Search Engine Optimization Google is a must.
We are the International QuickSEO Specialists!

Are you based in Pretoria, Quick SEO your Business to Top Heights or are you in Gauteng or anywhere in South Africa? We are the Top Quick SEO specialists and serve clients all over the World in all different types of Businesses ensuring and guaranteeing best results.


If you increase your Organic Google Keyword Ranking for ANY Keyword through International Organic Quick SEO with only 10 Positions, you will receive approximately 21x times more website hits or visitors to your website – and 21x more hits means 21x more Business and this should mean 21x more Money in your pocket…

OUR FOCUS IS Organic QUICK SEO RESULTS for all our clients through Organic Search Engine Optimization – or QUICK SEO, so that they will Feature on PAGE ONE NUMBER #1 on all major Search Engines!   Google SERP Rankings Number 1, 2 and 3 is the place where our Clients make lots of money due to the large volumes of people that visit Google, Bing and other Search Engines on a daily basis – 65% of all people only visit the First Three Organic Results on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). We are the Top QuickSEO International Company!

QUICK Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – or QUICK SEO is a Continuous Process to ensure your site is Listed as “High as possible” on as many Search Engines possible.
Organic Quick SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in SERP results, often referred to as “organic” information. In general, the higher ranked on the SERP page, and more frequently a site appears in the displayed list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers. Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your Business listed High on SERP. These are not paid Adverts or “Ad” as indicated by Google for Clients who make use of Google Ads (previously known as Adwords).

As Pretoria, South African and International QuickSEO and Internet Marketing Specialists, we understand Organic Search Engine Optimization. QUICK SEO is all about understanding how search engines work, what and how people search, the actual  terms or keywords typed when clients look for information and getting more hits, and Sales.

  1. We Guarantee to improve your website current Positions for up to 5 Keywords through International Organic QUICK SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Our average Search Engine Optimization score Improvements in Google position has been over 450% over the past 3 months.
  3. We send regular monthly progress reports to all our clients, for every keyword, to see how your Google Position Improves!
  4. What would you do to rank on page 1 of Google? Yes, you will get 32.6% of all the SERP Results for that specific Keyword once you rank on Organic Search Results #1!
  5. Visit our Marketing Options tab to see how our Organic Quick SEO Pretoria, Website Design and Social Media teams can help you FLY!

Organic Quick SEO Pretoria is “the way” many International and South African Businesses are going today.

We are the Pretoria based, Super Quick SEO specialists?

  •         21x More Website hits
  •         21x More Sales – Quickly
  •         21x More Personal Satisfaction
  •         21x More Money in your pockets
  •         21x More personal success and happiness
  •         21x More free time to do what you enjoy doing.

This is all possible if you do proper work through the Specialists.

We currently rank on Google #1 for these Competitive Keywords (and many more).

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We are “THE TOP SEO Specialists in South Africa offering Quick results”!
If you are looking for the best Quick, results in South Africa or Internationally, then let us help you (please complete the easy feedback form above).

We do this by providing Google with the information and criteria they need to optimize your site properly. ALL the work we will do is Beneficial for your Company to be listed well on ALL Search engines.

Our SPECIAL Price Options – Quick SEO Specials

Our Quick SEO Special package costs $350 USD/  350 Euros/ £280 Pound Sterling/ 500 Australian Dollar / R5,000 ZAR

Per Month on minimum 6 months agreement.

We do also offer a ONCE OFF Quick SEO Special Package (Note it is ONCE Off package for the same rates as above)

South African, Pretoria and Gauteng Based clients

Are you based in Pretoria, Pretoria East, Pretoria Central, Centurion, Sandton, Midrand, Johannesburg or even in the greater Gauteng? We would love to meet with you to discuss a strategic Quick SEO plan for you. We at 21x.co.za, Pretoria are ready to assist you to get to Google PAGE ONE, and even Number one on Organic  Rankings. YES, Quick SEO does work very well and we can and we WILL get your Organic results to improve radically, quickly!

International and National Clients who are far from 21x Pretoria!

Perhaps you live a bit further from Pretoria, somewhere else in South Africa or overseas, then we can easily arrange a online direct SKYPE discussion.

Our SEO vs PPC Calculators – Check this out to see our International QuickSEO figures compared to typical PPC (Pay per Click) figures. Please look at and consider our Organic Quick SEO Specials above!

We have through our extensive experience as Pretoria QUICKSEO specialists, with many years experience, built two very powerful International Organic Calculators. By completing a few basic pieces of information, the Calculator – our Program will Automatically do very interesting Calculations for you. We have also Calculated the Huge benefits clients  will receive by doing Organic SEO rather than PPC. QUICKSEO has the huge benefits of reduced Cost per Sales conversion due to constant low SEO expenses, AS WELL as a Larger Value on your actual Website due to radically increased sales generate directly through a well Optimized Website. Please Call, Email or WhatsApp for more information regarding these calculators.

We have done extensive research and have spent the past months in total dedication to create a very unique, user friendly Organic Search Engine Optimization calculator. We have used our many years extensive experience on the Internet, SEO Marketing, Website Development and Business Broking, to create this powerful Calculator.
The calculations automatically make provisions for the added Business (sales) you will receive by improving your Organic Rankings.
It also calculates the actual current value of your website as well the the future impact of effectice SEO on your Business website.
The MOST INTERESTING calculation is the Comparisons we have made between organic Quick SEO and PPC (or Google Adwords).

We can now prove without any doubt that while PPC is great for creating Quick Business for the First Three months, organic Super Quick SEO outperform PPC in all other aspects, especially in Actual Sales, Hits received, Cost for these hits (or clicks) but perhaps most importantly the VALUE of your Website after 12 to 24 months.

All the facts PROVE BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT, THAT Super Quick SEO is the Best Investment anyone can currently make in their own Business.

To discuss your values, please contact us for an appointment at Pretoria QuickSEO, we will help you Quickly!

DID YOU KNOW: If clients use AD Blockers they cannot see PPC ads at all. This is another huge PRO for Organic Search Engine Optimization Google Pretoria!

What is the Difference in Normal SEO as offered by many International SEO Companies, and our powerful “Super Quick SEO” product?

Typically Organic SEO is a LONG process. Covering all the bases form step one through to step 50+ takes a lot of time. It is labour intensive and takes a lot of planning.  Organic Super Quick SEO changes this around by FIRST doing the most important things quickly. We do the things that will bring Quick Google results. This brings good, quick results for you our clients. Google picks up on the results, normally within a week after the work was done. We then check and study the results and do further tweaks, continually monitoring Keyword positions and making more changes.

“QuickSEO” your Business today! Organic Search Engine Optimization is your Total Package solution!

On-Page organic Quick SEO technique SPECIAL OFFER!

Help Google to understand exactly what our Business is all about. We will assist you with a Once OFF Quick SEO special package. We will optimize your website for your main Keywords for a once off R3500/$250 special. For this we will need access to your website to re-write much of your content. We will do Organic Search Engine Optimization (International Organic SEO) with Guaranteed, TOP results. Quick SEO is your BEST ANSWER!

10 Position Improvement (International Organic QuickSEO) Facts! Organic Search Engine Optimization Pretoria will give you the results.

  1. People use Google for Information more than ever before!
  2. People want Information FAST- Quick! They often look for it on their Mobiles!
  3. Our QuickSEO Google Improvements WILL WORK for you – It’s guaranteed!
  4. 91.7% of all Google visitors stay on page One! QuickSEO will give you the best results!
  5. Search Engine Optimization works with Google and all other Search Engines.
  6. We have over 15 years  Experience in Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Website Design.
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We are the Organic South African SEO Specialists

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Ok let’s get to Business!

   We include the most Basic Steps from the Start so that everyone can understand the QuickSEO processes. To start off you have to ask yourself the following QUESTIONS!

  1. Does Google actually know about your website? To check type in www.yourdomain.com in the “Search Engine Search Block”
  2. If it is displayed in the FIRST position, then Google have registered your Website and they do know about it.

If not, adverts or links placed for your site, on other Websites may be displayed, but it MEANS THAT THE BOTS HAVE NOT YET INDEXED your website. To Register you need to register your domain on Google itself.

* Our Advice is to get your Link placed on a Website that Google frequently visits. They will then pick your Website address up from there.

3. Ok Google knows about your Website. Now you have to check which Pages, or links have been picked up. Type “site: www.yourdomain.com” in the Search Block. The pages that are Indexed together with Sub domains will all be displayed.

  1. Right Click with your mouse on the Main Link so that the Link will change from Blue to Purple. A Separate Window will open for your Website.
    * This will make it much easier for you to find your website when you do a Search for your own Domain (website) when doing Keyword Searches.
  2. Ok now you have to see if you can find your own site using your own Keyword Searches.

We recommend starting with 5 Keyword Phrases or short sentences each containing 3 to 4 words.

E.g. “plumbers” (keyword) or rather “best Plumbers San Francisco” or “earthing and lightning protection Company Los Angeles” (phrase)

People do not often Search just for one single Keyword. People using Voice Request on Mobile phones often, ask Search Engines questions using short sentences or Search Phrases. It is vitally important to be Google optimized for “YOUR KEYWORD SEARCH” terms.

WHAT ARE the Keywords you expect People to use when they Search for your services or products? You may be very high up on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). For this reason we recommend you changing your Settings below to the Google Search Block and increase the Search Settings. Results per result page displayed to 100 (slide the little block to the right). When you do a Search we also recommend that you ARE NOT LOGGED on in Google (Logged out) or if you do it on your phone use the Incognito option.

* The reason for this is interesting and VERY IMPORTANT. Google is a very clever computer and remembers your preferences. If you have searched for your Company before, and you clicked on your website Link, Google knows this to be your preferential choice and will always display this to you quickly. The result is that you may believe that your are #1 on Google result pages, but this IS NOT TRUE for your Customers. So Log on anonymously or incognito to get the correct results.

The SERP Pages will display the Links to the Best Customers or Websites First. These are normally Websites that have gone though proper -sometimes very expensive Search Engine Optimization processes to qualify for the FIRST Positions. Some of these Companies have spent Tens and even Hundreds of Thousands to reach these positions.

Why spend time and money on QuickSEO?

Interesting Facts:

1.Statistically the Number One Position on Google (#1) gets 32.6% of all inquiries (leads) for any specific Keyword/Search/Keyword Phrase. This means A LOT OF CLIENTS go to #1. Everybody want to be #1 (or as close as possible to the Top) for as many Keywords as Possible.

2. #2 Gets 17.6% of all the inquiries (leads) and 11.6% of all business goes to #3.  Currently around 65% of all Searches goes to #1, #2 and Position 3.

You can be there #1 on Page 1! And the sales and Money is to be made, easily, almost for FREE THROUGH QuickSEO and being well positioned for your different Keywords on Google.

How? By allowing us, www.21x.co.za  to use our years of direct marketing experience, serving many clients over a very long period of time to get to the Top, to help you to get there as well. We have done many tests doing many different things for our clients, and we have learned with personal experience what really works well, and what does not – why waste time on things that do not work?

  1. Your FACTS: Your website is displayed in a Specific Position, on a Specific page for a Specific Keyword. You can imagine or believe or hope to be #1 on Page ONE, but you are where you are, right now, today! THIS MUST BE CHANGED!

This unfortunate situation -if you on Page 2 or higher (or perhaps nowhere) for certain Keywords can easily be changed and improved by using QuickSEO.

If you are anywhere beyond page 2 or higher, you will hardly get any Business.

FAQ (these are our opinions formed over many years)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

It is the processes needed to improve a website to a acceptable level to Google so that they can recommended the specific Business to their clients.

How can I do SEO for free?

Yes, it is possible-but it’s difficult to get high rankings on your own

How do you do SEO for a Website?

Most people can only do limited SEO work by themselves

How expensive is it to SEO my Website?

Check our special prices. Since we are a South African business, we can offer SEO to International Companies for cheaper than they can get if for in their own Countries.

How can I improve my Website scores?

Lots of hard work.

What is SEO and how it works?

It’s doing all the work necessary to make your website a Super Website.

Quick SEO Tips?

Focus on your Business. Work at it. Build back links, write Blogs, Advertise on many websites and work on your website frequently

How do you do SEO for a website?

There are many criteria and requirements necessary to obtain good Google rankings.

What is SEO in Marketing?

It is the part of Marketing where you focus on your Website as a Primary Marketing tool to Boost your Business.

What is  PPC?

Pay per Click is a way of using Google Ad words to prioritize your Business manually on Search Engine result pages. Clients must pay for every click that is generated through to the clients website, whether the page is opened, viewed or any Business successfully concluded or not. The Average PPC rate Internationally is currently around $2 PER CLICK. Most expensive clicks reach around $500 PER ONE CLICK.

SEO Tools?

There are many tools available all over the Internet that can assist you to optimize and get much more sales.

What is the difference between QuickSEO and SEO?

QuickSEO is our Brand – Unique product.  It was born through our achievements to optimize Websites very Quickly for our clients by using various techniques simultaneously to achieve top QuickSEO results for all our clients. Our results are guaranteed to radically improve your Search Engine rankings very quickly.

What is Google?

In our opinion Google is a Referral Company using Large Computers and clever people to refer their clients (you and I) for FREE to the Websites they deem BEST and most suited for our inquiries. People from all over the World go to this Large International Computer daily, either by using their Computers, Laptops, Phones or Tablets, asking it Questions…on average 40.000 Questions per second. To gather all the Information needed, they use Bots (robots) to visit websites on Millions of Computer daily, gathering, storing and processing fresh, new and relevant information, every day. The Question is Does Google display your information QUICKLY to your Customers when they are looking for YOU?

If not then we believe that QuickSEO is the very BEST INVESTMENT you can make in your Business today.

What is SERP?

Search Engine Result Pages, the pages displayed when you do a Search for Anything on Google.

What is the best Marketing Online strategy for 2019 and 2020?

We believe that Mobile devices will start to Dominate Business more and more. Cell phones and Mobile devices will become the way forward. Other electronic devices will be built and all these devices will connect to Google to collect information. We live in a Information cluttered society. There is simply TOO MUCH information and people battle to cope with all the information (overload). To process the Information and to ONLY DISPLAY the most important information will be the way forward. Ensure that your Website is Mobile (Cell  phone) friendly and Tablet Friendly.

What techniques can you use to improve your hits?

The very best thing you can do is to QuickSEO your Business through our Company today. Instead of taking a long time to achieve the results you deserve, you can now get Quick Results!

QUICKSEO is about getting your Website Search Engine friendly, very quickly!
QuickSEO is about getting you to outrank your competitors.
QuickSEO is about you making money Quickly
QuickSEO is accelerated SEO

Time is money and everybody wants to be at the Top….and the money is in Position #1, Position #2 and Position #3 on Google SERP pages

Fact – You can and should be #1! If you do you Website work through QuickSEO, Pretoria, South Africa you will be on page very quickly…

Contact QuickSEO Pretoria for Best SEO and Top Quality SUCCESS

21x.co.za Pretoria are “THE International and South African Organic QuickSEO Specialists” 

We focus on International Organic Search Engine Success, Web Design and Online Shop Designs. We are based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.  We will help you to quickly get to Page 1, for different important Keywords, relevant to your specific Industry. Using proven local and International QuickSEO  techniques we will get you great breakthrough for your local market. Whether you need a new Website, Online shop, E-Commerce, changes done to your existing website, new Website, Hosting, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Optimization – or Super QuickSEO , we will gladly help you get to Page 1 and then to NUMBER ONE #1 or as close to it possible, very quickly. The fact is-If you need much more Business-then QuickSEO is definitely your answer.

We  understand International Organic Search Engine Optimization and we have vast experience in this powerful science. We do not easily make promises unless we are certain of our facts. We are certain of our abilities, knowledge and experience to ensure you a place on page ONE within 1 to 2 months…..

We are set to become the BEST QuickSEO Company Internationally, in Africa, Europe, Britain, America and Australia.

If you are Serious about doing MUCH MORE BUSINESS, then you have no choice but to QuickSEO your Business today. Once Search Engine Optimization has gone the full circle, and you reach PAGE ONE, you will start generating “FREE Business” – NO need to worry about Paying Per Clicks or Paying for Leads. By using us, your website will start to generate FREE, HOT relevant Business Leads, every day, even while you sleep. All you have to do is to allow us to QuickSEO your Website. You will get Quick Victory!

QuickSEO is the BEST Investment you can ever make into your OWN BUSINESS. While generating Sales and Income for you, your WEBSITE will also RADICALLY increase in Value, being a Income Generating Machine. To get a FREE Website Valuation feel free to contact Louis on +27(0)62 110 8765 or send email to louis@21x.co.za.